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About Me



Isalina Sánchez is a New York based designer whose roots are centered in the Dominican Republic as their birth place, and The Bronx as their home base. Sánchez’s ethos is that of providing gender affirming clothing for whoever identifies with their creations while giving longevity, alternatives, and creative spins to each piece.


Isalina received their BFA from The Fashion Institute of Technology where they specialized in Sportswear


Trans, GNC, two- Spirit, Agender, Genderful, Genderless, + community’s concerns with the fashion industry are of paramount importance for Isalina when creating their collections. Creating clothing that is tailored to fit many body types, abilities, and that makes everyone feel great in their skin, is the ultimate purpose of this brand. 

Every piece is made to order, to reduce the impact of dead stock and landfill waste, in addition to giving them economic sustainability as an emerging designer. 

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